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Carsupplyco.com is the best website to sell a car by owner. Our Peer-to-peer car-selling platform makes buying and selling cars easy and convenient for everyone involved. So create a free account today and start making offers, listing cars, or start keeping up on the latest luxury, classic, exotic, and supercars for sale.

In Our Platform, You’ll be able to search through new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles with a variety of modern and classic models. You’ll also be able to choose between ads by both professional dealers and private sellers.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast who knows exactly what they’re looking for or a less experienced car shopper, Carsupplyco.com has the tools you need to find the perfect vehicle for you — right in your neighborhood.


Our Story:

CSC is a platform that helps people buy and sell modified cars

It started when I was a young college student saving up to buy my first car. But, I had a semi-unhealthy automotive obsession, so of course I needed something fun and fast.

I started shopping and checking forums, and quickly noticed two problems:

First, it is annoying to filter through all the different classified websites for cars I would actually be interested in. I need the WRX, not the Impreza. The S4, not the A4.

What if there was a website that had nothing but cool cars?

Second, people would fairly often recommend against buying a modified car because the vehicle history could be risky. Isn’t that a risk on all cars though?

And don’t enthusiasts take better care of their cars anyway?

What if there was a place where the owner could walk you through all the mods just to be sure?

Those questions I asked myself ended up being the reason we created this community years later. I wanted a place to connect buyers and sellers who appreciate great cars, and who recognize that most builds are never really complete.

Oh, and by the way, I ended up buying a black MKVII GTI with the exact wheels I would have done anyway: Satin Bronze Neuspeed Rse10’s. Yeah it had mud flaps, but I could learn to love them, and they looked kind of cool anyway. Yeah, the dealership said there was an unknown tune, but I could get it flashed back to factory if I wanted to, and this way I could enjoy it right off the lot.

Here it is the day I brought it home


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