Buying A Car

1. Search for the item.
Find what you need using the search panel and filters. We have over a hundred adverts, choose exactly what you are looking for.
2. Inspect the Car, Preferably in Person
Be wary of sellers who refuse to meet in person, face to face. Use caution if the seller only wants to communicate via email or text message. Be extremely wary if the seller refuses to or claims they cannot talk on the phone. If possible, have a car mechanic join you and inspect the vehicle before you pay to complete a sale. Exercise caution if the seller states the vehicle must be shipped or is currently not in their physical possession.
3. Contact a seller.
You may use chat on or call them via phone. Discuss all the details, and negotiate about the price.
4. Take your item or proceed with a delivery.
We check our sellers carefully, but it’s always better to check twice, right? Meet a seller in a public place and be sure to pay only after collecting your item.
5. Leave your feedback about the seller.
Feel free to tell us about your purchase. Let’s build a safe and professional business community together!
6. Do Your Research. When buying any vehicle, it’s important to know as much about it as possible. Alternatively, taking the vehicle to a mechanic together to have it inspected can settle any concerns. Make sure that you know what is required of both you and the seller to make the transfer of ownership legal in your province. Don’t pay for the vehicle until you’re able to officially take ownership.
7. Personal safety tips.
– Do not pay in advance, even for the delivery
– Try to meet at a safe, public location
– Check the item BEFORE you buy it
– Pay only after collecting the item

Contact us for any inquiries or needs.