Sellers Guide

1. Register

Register using your e-mail and phone number (or do it via Facebook or Google). Make sure you’re entering the correct phone number, so your clients can reach you!

2. Take photos of your item.

Feel free to take a lot of photos using your smartphone or Camera. Make sure they show your item in the best light and different view.

3. Submit Listing.

Choose a proper category, upload your photos, and write a clear title and full description of your item. Enter a fair price, select attributes, and send your advert to review!

4. Answer the messages, emails, and calls from your clients!

If everything is okay with your advert, it’ll be on the Platform.

In a couple of hours after sending it to moderation. We’ll send you a mail and notification when your advert goes live. Check your mail and be ready to earn money! Do you want to sell like a pro? Check out our Premium Services.

5. Dealing Locally Is Best

The safest and recommended way to deal is in person, face to face.
Use caution if the buyer only wants to communicate via email or text message.
Avoid buyers who are currently out of the country or claim to reside overseas.
Be extremely wary if the buyer refuses to or claims he or she cannot talk on the phone.

Things That Will Get Your Car Sold

1. Pictures

all angles, inside and out. Pictures of your car are the number one thing potential buyers judge a listing by. It is so worth it to include a lot of quality pictures. The goal here is to show not tell.

2. Details

The “tell” part is still very important though. A listing that says “Selling my daily.
HMU” is not going to get very much engagement. List as many details as you can. Trim, options, mods, maintenance, ownership time, daily or weekender, Etc.

Think of everything you would want to know about the car if you were buying it, and then list all of it. Of course feel free to add what you love in particular about your car. Let the buyers know what they will enjoy about it.

3. Issues

Yes, listing the issues the car has helps you sell it. Buyers are extremely cautious of a listing that says everything is perfect. Whether you are selling a Civic, or a Skyline, there is probably at least some small thing to note. If there isn’t, then honestly good for you, but make sure you did a lot of great pictures, and expect some questions from buyers.

4. Response time

Your goal is to sell your car, so keeping an interested person engaged needs to be a priority. Reply quickly, with detailed answers. This may seem small, but it will go a long way, trust us.

5. Enjoy

this is going to be your last little while with your car. Have fun talking with cool people who are going to be the next to take care of it.

Contact us for any inquiries or needs.